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officer. host: have you traveled overseas? caller: i have done two tours in iraq and two in afghanistan. host: what about president obama leaving iraq and planning to leave afghanistan? aq, he should've gotten a status of forces agreement with the government over there and we should of maintains an air base so we would have a presence. now we have left and recently there were saying how many shipments of weapons from iran are flying over iraqi airspace into syria to support the assad regime with all the atrocities committed over there. in terms of afghanistan, joe biden was the only person in washington who got afghanistan right from the beginning. if you look at the debate with the obama surge happened, when we were going to decide between $10,000, 40,000, and 80,000 troops, it was joe biden, he was the only one who said that, let's stick to our issues and our priorities. i was wounded in afghanistan during a a non-transmission, walking down the street in a dusty village that we were being pulled out of. i was nearly killed for essentially nothing, trying to bring some kind of ideal of
, then we go to iraq, saddam hussein, he was a good boy at one point. we have to learn to shoot straight when it comes to foreign policy. host: i have to get some other voices in here. bob? go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my call. i had a personal remembrances about 9/11. i woke up at 11:00. my mother, who had died of alzheimer's, said i needed to see this thing on television. i was speaking with a friend of mine over at the spartan route. i said -- you know, these guys are muslim fundamentalists and fanatics. they might have their real names on the manifest. go look at that. follow the money. they went back and confirmed what the fbi report said from earlier that year, which had been kind of pushed under. we got lucky in that times square bombing. we solved that one. thank god the bomb did not off. but you know, we have had 10,000 people die in that war. thank god we got osama bin laden and it was a police action. thank you so much. host: how should we mark the day? last night on facebook we ask all of you to comment on how america has changed in the 11 years. host: you can put y
-palestinian conflict and the syrian civil war, as well as the afghanistan situation and iraq. host: they do point out at the beginning of the editorial that there is a defense of free speech and condonation of anti- american violence. brad, brunswick, ohio. welcome. caller: the comments that obama was making about foreign-policy and the middle east, i understand what he was saying, but i have a simple question. we might have wars overseas and i am a republican. i have always been a republican. i believe in mitt romney. the only thing that made me question this over the years, in america, the indians, no one ever fights to get their land back for them. i am not allowed to say anything about anyone that i know. they asked me not to make a comment about anyone back here. i just want to say that there is a very important person on the reservation named read the other. you never see him at the u.n., but they are trying to get to that point and get their land back. i wonder why we're not allowed to help them or fight for them. host: a neat, independent line. hello. caller: i do not understand why mitt romn
. but president obama, who was elected by the anti-war movement, because he was opposed to the war in iraq, hillary clinton, his democratic opponent in the primaries was for the war. i actually think that's the reason president obama is president today. that was the main difference. hillary clinton was not able to let go of the war in iraq, was not willing to say that perhaps she was wrong in voting for it till the very end when she saw she was going down. but here now president bush has inherited the war in afghanistan and continued it, and these drone wars are terrorizing populations. i encourage everyone to look at this report, "living under drones," or go to and see our interview. in pakistan, the people are terrorized. i'm talking about the civilian populations. they're afraid to go out to their meetings, to send their kids to school. who knows who will be hit next? host: this is from our allies for republicans. caller: my question is about jeffrey imelt and the jobs going overseas. guest: by a bank that is a very big problem when u.s. jobs are exported overseas. ther
, including kurds in syria as there are in iraq and iran and turkey, you have a potential situation where you get increased cross water flows of militant groups seeking to have some changes on the borders as well. the last thing the united states wants is for syria to stabilize itself and to destabilize a country that we helped at such great expense in american lives and treasure to put back together after the fall of sadaam hussein. host: call is on the phone on the democratic line. caller: i am surprised at the number of americans and the number of c-span viewers who are not supporters of the united nations. i'm a big supporter. i would like to give an example. the united nations charter and the provisions that could have stopped hitler and world war ii and if we had the united nations in the 1930's. when hitler and his troops marched back into the rhineland, the united nations security council could have applied economic sanctions which would have stopped sweden from selling iron ore to germany. it would have stopped romania from selling oil to hitler. without those, hitler never would hav
in afghanistan and into iraq. who did get us all killed as the former caller talked about "liberals getting us all killed." it was george w. bush to send our troops into the middle east and were getting us all killed. if you look at, for example, the record of clinton and jimmy carter, you will find a military fatalities under the administration's were actually lower than during republican administrations. they taught us off into a necessary wars of choice. i called to say that gov. romney's politicizing of the tragedy is what is really bothersome and disgusting to me. i am not saying that there is not some criticism of these events that after the fact, days and weeks from now, that might not be acceptable. it is romney who stepped out front of the day on the tragedy to politicize. he himself was a draft dodger during the vietnam war when his father with his political connections sent him to paris as a mormon missionary to avoid being in service. you talk about cowards, you talk about gov. romney who avoided his own service. host: all right. we get the point. here is the front page of "the new
: at the time of the vietnam war, he was not of age. the other wars we were in with iraq and the other words, he was still not of age. host: that did not keep him from volunteering when he was old enough. caller: no, but he was doing things for the people at the time. he was looked -- he was working for the people to try to get them to have better lives. mitt romney had the opportunity to go. there was a war and he was of age and he did not go. when he went overseas for his recent trip with the countries he visited, he did not visit the troops. host: we will leave it there and move on to jonesboro, arkansas, on our line for republicans. caller: i don't trust president obama at all. you can read a lot in what he says. he is really smart, there is no question. but, one of the most telling things caught on the microphone was when he said he wanted to reset relationships with russia. he wanted to have vladimir putin know that he will be more flexible after the election. when you add that in with the fact that one of the most amazing things he did that i have never understood was unilaterally, to pul
returned from iraq, those were good nights, axelrod said. jobs, jobs, jobs. romney said he would produce 12 million new jobs with a 5-step plan that includes unspecified tax cuts, domestic energy independence, deficit reduction and repeal of obama's health care law. democrats will point, steady growth in jobs on the president's watch while not enough would be boosted if republicans would support his jobs act, still languishing on capitol hill. another issue that the democrats will be focusing on includes the deficit and the debt. paul ryan, rand paul and mitch mcconnell were just three of the headliners who hammered obama on the rate of federal spending and size of the national debt, the fact that the obama administration is overseeing the addition of more than 5 trillion to the federal debt was a favorite applause line. paul pointed out that the u.s. gross debt just under 16 trillion is now on par with gdp. and taxes, energy, obama air, medicare, mel care reform are some of the issues addressed in charlotte this week by the democrats, according to the national journal. again, president oba
put on iranian financial institutions. if you will, it is a counterattack by iraq against an american financial institutions. in my opinion -- this is a theory, but it has a basis in our treatment of iranian financial institutions. it was not a physical attack, it was a denial of services were you overload a website. it had an effect. it disrupted access to those sites for a while. host: you can see the entire interview with senator joe lieberman later on today at 10:00 a.m. following this program and at 6:00 p.m. on c- span. it is also available on our website act -- at c- joining us at the table is william beach, co-author of the 2012 index on dependent on government. he is here to talk to us about the index and what it measures. welcome to the program. guest: it is a pleasure to be back. host: tell us a little more about this index. we touched on what it measures. give us a feel for what we can find in here. guest: we are all dependent on somebody. at some time in our lives, you and i were both babies. we had complete dependence on our mothers. as we get older,
. it seems to never stop increasing. we have had the war in iraq for 10 years. that has cost as well, around $1 trillion? the war in afghanistan has been dragging on for 11 years. that is costing us on the $500 billion. we spend a huge amount of the budget -- half of the discretionary defense -- discretionary spending is on defense. i think spending on the military has doubled in 10 years. now we have a $1 trillion deficit the last fiscal year. if the defense hawks of the military industrial complex want to increase defense spending -- is that not cry out for tax increases? if he was significant spending -- if you want more spending even though we did not have a major threat by the soviet union facing us, does that not require -- let me mention some some balls. i. simpson bowles calls for cuts in defense. >> people thought a lot of figures. on a few of them are right. defense spending is only 20% of the discretionary budget. the defense of the country is -- we do have to see that that is being maintained at an adequate level. no one suggest we are in less dangerous times. the reverse is true
an enormous amount of pressure on the military. people have gone to iraq and afghanistan multiple numbers of times. people know they are heading to places that are some of the most dangerous places on earth. even if people do not serve in the military, they yelled feel the obligation. -- they feel the obligation. is aice president's son war veteran and he said this is the one true obligation that we have. the political parties are aware just how important the veterans are to the process and to the growth of the country. they will likely be hit in terms of budget cuts if it kicks in. that is another emotional thing. that is a connection that people have to the military. if they'll are affected in some way, but could be political consequences that nobody could have considered before. host: michael and massachusetts. -- massachuset -- michael in massachusetts. caller: do you think they are going to bicker? run the country like you run your household. do what is best for everybody. this bickering is nonsense. we send them to washington. we should be able to fire them if they are not doing the
in the war in iraq. the president committed to end that war and we have done that. the president repealed don't ask, don't tell. i could go on for another 20 minutes. >> you tell me that you saw clips of the republic convention joe."orning sho what did you think of the gop convention from what you saw? >> it seems your goal should be focusing on your roadmap for the future. the president is focusing on the american people and what he can do to build a strong middle class. it is an optimistic vision. we think this week will crystallize the choice we have before us. i hope people will say the president should continue on. >> you have spent four years in washington. do you feel like a washingtonian or a chicago an? >> i have met a lot of nice people in washington. >> thank you for joining us. host: that was valerie jarrett speaking with mike allen of "politico." that is held in downtown charlotte. there is a live view of the inside of the time warner cable arena where the convention will begin at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. our preview program will begin at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. we'll be live on a
opponent said it was tragic to end the war in iraq. he will not tell us how he will end the war in afghanistan. well, i have and i will. while my opponent would spend more money on military hardware than our joints chiefs wants, i would use the money we are not spending on war to pay down our debt and rebuild roads, and bridges, and schools. it is time to do some nation building right here at home. [cheers and applause] host: after the speech, the romney campaign released a statement. it was issued after the president's speech. tonight, president obama laid out the choice in this election, making the case for more of the same policies that have not worked in the past four years. he offered more promises, but has not kept the promises he made them years ago. americans know they are not better off and it is time to change direction. mitt romney and paul ryan will deliver a better future foto our country. tony is on our debt -- is on our independents line. caller: i do not see the difference between the republicans and the democrats. both of these candidates are owned by the centra
. we go into iraq. it is like, democracy by gunpoint. then when hamas gets elected in a democratic election monitored by jimmy carter, we have all kinds of opposition to hamas being illegally elected and do not recognize them. and then we have this guy releasing this movie, whoever he is, and it is causing all kinds of unrest. i really think it is disgraceful. i think somebody should really stop him from further doing these kinds of things. i am sure there will be investigations. yes or really upset about the whole thing. i have a lot of friends in egypt and cairo and they are scared. it is not the entire country that is up and arms right now. thank you for my comment. host: catherine up next, an independent. caller: good morning. this is something i do not understand are blaming romney saying something about the middle east. president obama already 24 hours before that happened in cairo, to do anything. we can all see the peace happen. that is not romney's fall, that is his fault. people have to wake up. they complained about prices now, look what it did yesterday to mr. ben berna
to the people to come out and vote. the senate is a different and iraq -- animal feed their six- year terms. the president, as no, is a four- year term. as the president obama is asking to be reelected for his second term. but the ultimate power is in the hands of the people, and it is up to them to decide who they want to represent them. i would take exception to one thing he said, that the congress is only concerned about its re- election. that is not true. on both sides of the aisle, i would say the overwhelming majority are very concerned about the country, and we want to do the right thing. the thing that most people do not understand is that in a country this large and this diverse, what my constituents think is the right thing to do is sometimes not the same as the minority leader nancy pelosi's constituency in san francisco. or the gentleman from washington that was on the program before me, he has a much more liberal voting record than i do. he represents a more liberal part of the country in washington state. i represent a more conservative part of the country in central texas. so
a problem from the bush administration of eight years. the iraq war, we supported whatever money the president gave to go to war. no problem with that. it's just that our country needs to be returned back to the middle class. the rich, that's fine how they made their money, how they became successful. but when you look at it, we all are americans. host: oh, sorry, brian. i thought you were finished there. i apologize for cutting you off like that. from "the hill," soros donates $1 million to pro-obama super p.a.c. george soros has donated $1 million to priorities u.s.a., the super p.a.c. backing president obama's re-election. the donation comes as a shift for soros, who doe noted to other pro-democratic super p.a.c.'s early this year and long bank rolled a number of liberal grass roots organizations, but had yet to give any money directly towards supporting obama. according to reports, soros has been less than thrilled with obama at times, and after democrats took a drubbing at the polls in 2010, he told other big-time democratic donor that is they should start looking somewhere
of democracy by starting these wars in iraq that cost is much in terms of life and money, and this other assertion that the obama health care plan is going to ruin our system, national geographic magazine two years ago had a comparison of the costs spent her capita by various european nations and little portugal, spending about $2500 per person, per year on health care had better outcomes in infant mortality than the united states, which is paying three times more. guest: i don't believe it. when you see the flow happen in the different direction, then i'll believe it. what do i mean by that. when we see more americans going to europe for health care rather than europeans coming here for health care, then i will buy the european system or at least part of that argument. look, in terms of the so called arab spring, the president, again, when he went to cairo said he hoped based on mutual respect we would have better relations. we do not have much better relations. you can say what you want about the bush administration or condoleezza rice and so on. i agreed with the war in iraq, i think
is the one that set up all these ways of catching bin laden, setting up going to war in iraq. but all the democrats, all they are like perform colmes, they want to give obama all the credit for all the polices george bush set. host: thank you bruce. allen colmes. guest: i think to some extent you're right. i think the end of the iraq war, for example, was already in play when obama took office and in fact president obama kept many of the bush national security people around him like robert gates, the secretary of defense, at the beginning of his administration. so to some extent, you've actually got a point. but in terms of bin laden, you know, there's a clip of george w. bush at one point saying i don't knowy is, i don't care much about him, there's the myth that water board kh-g is torture says john mccain, among others, who was tortured, led to the getting of bin laden, which in fact on george w. bush's watch he didn't get bin laden and also the president who has given credit to the navy seals, even though there are seals now out there speaking out against him, but just like when j
the military. think about it, there were 180,000 american troops in iraq and afghanistan. by next month, we will have cut that number by nearly 2/3. so most of our troops have come home. and there's more afghans step up, more of our troops will come home. and what does that mean for you? well, after ten years of continuous operations, it means fewer deployments. it means more time for training. it means more time to improve readiness. more time to prepare for the future. >> we're talking about should political conventions be changed in 2016. our next call comes from hollywood, florida, william is on the line for democrats. you're on "the washington journal," go ahead. caller: good morning, good morning. the speech about president obama. i loved it. and as the convention -- no, they shouldn't be changed. they give the american public to see who they're going to vote for and who also is going to be -- and i say mitt romney, they did a good job, they did a good job. and how mitt romney looked right into the public eye and said he wanted obama to succeed. we all know that. because of what the r
debt, about 1.2 trillion annual deficit. obama would have had to of ended the war in afghanistan, iraq, prescription drugs and bush tax cuts not to have it accumulate on an annual basis, especially while we were in the middle of going down the cliff. when the republicans say the stimulus did not work, they are talking down the economy in a situation where confidence is really important, so it is very sad and destructive. in fact, as a result of the tea party refusing to cooperate, the united states has -- was reduced, the credit rating was reduced a notch. host: we have a lot of information on the table. we will leave it there. here is a couple of facebook comments. jimmy talking about president clinton's speech. he said tuesday was government government. bush's fault. pushe glorious as bill was awesome. william is a democrat and rockville, illinois. what did you think of the former president's speech nominating the current president? caller: i think it was really great. i believe barack is a very good president. i think president clinton that nominated him as a man that is looking out
democrats screaming and yelling to impeach george bush because of the war in iraq. you had the senate majority leader: him all sorts of names, not necessarily on the senate floor -- you have the senate majority leader calling him all sorts of names. this is something that has gone on in terms of the coarsening of our politics. there's no room is seems the summit to say, "i agree with the other guy and lustral the lines and fight about that." we see is a stance where, "if the other guy wants to do something, it has to be wrong." parties and that tripping all over themselves. if you go back in time to the eisenhower administration, lyndon johnson decided that their best energy was to agree with them on foreign policy and quibble on domestic policy. they said eisenhower is a strong leader. let's not play footsie with this well-respected general. the republicans were more opposed to eisenhower then the democrats were. the public looked at them and said, they are doing well and supporting the president on the foreign policy stuff. sometimes that is lost in politics. now the other guy is wr
, surged the troops into afghanistan and withdrew from iraq only because it was george bush's date of withdrawal. it of the date george bush had negotiated to end the immunity for u.s. soldiers and barack obama had done his darn december to try to -- darndest to extend that date so the troops may be there now if he had had his way so yes, we haven't gotten peace. voting for either of the two major parties is basically a very good way to ensure that we will continue to send jobs overseas, undermine our wages at home, watch the cross of health care and housing and education continue to skyrocket out of reach and watch the climate essentially go up in flames, because under this president, as much as under george bush, we have seen the polices of drill baby drill and in fact they got even worse under barack obama so yes, absolutely, third parties, independent political parties, we call them, are absolutely the way to move forward. there's certainly a fear campaign out there to scare people away from voting their values and to tell them they have to vote their fears but the reality is t
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